...the story continues

april 2007

In just over a month from HUG's beginnings 3 HUGers were out busking as part of the Hobart Fringe Festival

Tas, Leela (aka Ukuleela) and Suzi
on the streets of North Hobart
during the Hobart Fringe Festival
4 April 2007

The next week we were privileged with a visit from MUKer Rose Turtle Ertler (a MUKer is a member of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective - first seen by me on the ABC's Spicks and Specks program and the impetus of HUG's establishment...see the story here). In addition, that night we enjoyed the company of members of the Melbourne folk band Milk who were performing at the Republic...and who had purchased ukuleles that day especially for the HUG-in!

HUG-in at Republic Bar & Cafe
11 April 2007

Rose - 2nd from left font row
Milk members - centre front row and
2nd & 3rd from right, back row



Visit Rose at www.ukuleleland.org or www.myspace.com/roseturtleertler and Milk at www.milktheband.com.au

may 2007

Just over another month and HUGers were performing their first gig! An open mike at Brookfield Vineyards in Margate. We did a set of 3 songs...King of the Road | Rain & Snow | Oh! Susannah. It was great experience and from all accounts very well received!

 Brookfield gig, 18 May 2007


june 2007

In June HUGers were thrilled to receive an invitation from ABC Radio to perform live on their breakfast program. We were to be part of an OB in the home of a Hobart family. Our 'job' was to be the 'alarm clock' for the son Joe so we tailored the words of the Hermans Hermits 1960s hit Sleepy Joe for young Joe! We combined with all the other guests in a huge jam session of Corrina Corrina to play the show out. It was a fantastic experience!!

Dennis interviewed by Breakfast host, Andy Muirhead

Tas tunes up

HUGers performing on ABC Radio's Breakfast show, 22 June 2007

Other performers...

Andrew Legg                                           Kitchen Percussion

The very next day one of Australia's finest bluegrass & country singers, and luthier extraordinaire, Peter Daffy from Victoria conducted a ukulele workshop organised by Rachael and Fred. A delightful addition to the day was MUKer Bernard de la Coeur! Peter was a mine of ukulele information and the day was extremely beneficial.


Ukulele workshop 23 June 2007

Peter - front  right
Bernard  - light grey top, back right


august 2007

On 7 August Linda generously opened her home for a ukulele afternoon, providing an even more relaxed atmosphere for stummin', kazooin' and a lot of fun!!


september 2007

On 16 September Linda's generosity was again evident when when she allowed a singing workshop to take place in her home. The workshop was conducted by well-known and highly respected Hobart singing teacher, Margot Lampkin. Another great workshop!!


Margo seated front row, centre


october 2007

HUG was asked to perform on ABC TV's 'The Collectors' Christmas Special. It was great fun and HUGers were joined by 41 kids from the Channel Christian School (taught by HUGer Adam). The kids were fantastic and everyone enjoyed the exciting experience. Everyone from the ABC was simply fantastic!! The show went to air across Australia on ABC TV, on Sunday 23 December 2007.

You can see the gig on HUG's YouTube channel here!

december 2007

HUGers were even more thrilled to be invited back by Andy Muirhead to help take out his final show for the year on ABC Breakfast Radio, 21 December. Standing at the back is Andy Muirhead, Bruce, Dennis and Gordon. Sitting on Santa's knee is Ginger trying to convince Santa (aka Daryl R. Peebles) that she really has been 'nice' this year!

...but is he convinced??


So that's the first 10 months of HUG!

The intervening years have seen HUG go on to bigger and better things.
Some gig videos and images can be viewed on HUG's site here.

It's been an exciting, at times scary, but above all a fun-filled journey.
The ukulele is a truly happy little instrument and ukulele players a great bunch of people.

I hope you're encouraged to join the world-wide ukulele revolution and find or establish a ukulele group in your area!!
And if you do establish a new ukulele group please email me with the details!